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The link between high standards and family run

At, we’re invested in supporting the agricultural and motorcycle community in Scotland. Our team aim to make life for those in these communities as easy and comfortable as possible, regardless of the size, budget or interest whether it be 2 or 4 wheels, tools that help the grass grow or implaments that help feed the creatures that keep the greenery at bay.

Whether you purchase products from us or come to us for mechanical assistance we are overjoyed to have your support. As a family owned and run business your pennies don't fill the pockets of wealthy managers or directors. Those pennies put food on the table of a hard working family that in turn will shop locally and put the food on another hard working family in our area. And we show our appreciation by trying to offer the type of service that you as a customer,  deserve. No matter what you visit us for there will always be a happy helpful face greeting you.

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