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Strip down and rebuilds

We undertake all major mechanical issues on types of equipment. We use only the best of parts to ensure longevity and customer satisfaction

Onsite servicing and timescale flexability

We try to cater for customers individual needs and timescales where we can. If the machine is an essential tool for day to day work we will try fit it in and carry out the work in a quick and professional manner to get the machine back to you

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We will work on ANYTHING

We not only work on 2 and 4 wheels, we can cater from 3 up to even 8 wheels!
We enjoy a challenge so no job is too big or small and like to adapt items to suit vehicles and improve from the standard form

WORKSHOP: Technology



Reporting and communication is key

We make a serious commitment to keeping in touch with our customers whilst we are working on their machine so they know what stage we are at. We carry out a full report prior to work and pass our findings back for the client to decide the next steps taken. 

Forward Looking

We are always looking to improve on the standard and make the already very good even better! From retro fitting heater matrix's into UTV's and increasing sophistocation and creature comforts on agri machines.

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Simplicity and function are key

As much as we love technological advances and intriguing designs our soul aim is to make adaptions or repairs in the most simplest manner for the customer and to ensure 100% functionality and reliability

WORKSHOP: Technology
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